Kennebunkport Museum Holds Benefit for Child with Leukemia



KENNEBUNKPORT – After a recent outpouring of support for Patrick, a-2-year-old Kennebunkport child battling  leukemia, the First Families Museum decided to donate all tour proceeds from August 17 to aid in Patrick’s treatment. Patrick, whose last name has been withheld, is the son of a secret service man working for former President George H. W. Bush.

The Kennebunkport Historical Society hatched plans for the benefit last month, when our 41st President and his security entourage, along with some of his staff, shaved their heads in symbolic allegiance to Patrick.

The story of Bush’s gesture of sympathy and support made national news.

Located on Maine St. (yes, Maine with an “e”) in Kennebunkport, just miles from Bush’s summer home on Walker’s Point,  the First Families Museum is based in an 1853 Greek Revival home.  The home is now owned by the Kennebunkport Historical Society, which devoted a portion of its one hundred and sixty-year-old interior to a photo gallery honoring the Bush family and their legacy in the town.

On the 17th, visitors could browse the gallery, take a tour of the home, and play 19th century lawn games set up to give guests a snapshot of life in the late 1800s.

By closing time at the First Families Museum, the Historical Society had raised over $800 in proceeds for Patrick.

By Reuben Moses



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