LePage asks NFL commissioner Goodell to form coalition against domestic violence


RR LePAgeIn a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Republican Gov. Paul R. LePage called on the embattled head of America’s most loved sports league to join him and other governors in forming a coalition to oppose domestic violence.

The NFL “has an opportunity to take a high-profile stand against domestic violence by making it a national priority,” LePage wrote in the Sept. 19 letter to Goodell. This is the second letter LePage has written to Goodell regarding domestic violence. 

Goodell has recently been at the forefront of a seemingly unending controversy involving NFL athletes and domestic violence.

“If you are willing to pull together a group of NFL owners, I will gather a coalition of Governors dedicated to this important cause,” LePage wrote to Goodell. “Together, we can create an influential partnership to provide a truly exceptional service to American society,” he wrote.

“I have listed some of my initiatives as Governor to end domestic violence,” LePage wrote. “But I am only one man. Imagine the powerful, nationwide message we could send if NFL owners and Governors team up to tackle domestic abuse. Please join me in this effort.”

LePage’s pressure on Goodell made national headlines in August, when the governor criticized Goodell’s decision to punish Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice with a two-game suspension for his domestic violence arrest.

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