Big wage gap in Senate Democratic office; Senate GOP pays women more


alfondAs Maine’s liberals take to social media to accuse Republicans of waging a “war on women” this National Equal Pay Day, data from the State House shows women in the Senate Democratic offices make less than their male counterparts. Conversely, women in the Senate GOP office make more than men.

In the GOP state senate office, two male employees make on average $52,812 per year, while the 4 female employees make an average of $57,806 annually, according to wage data obtained by The Maine Wire.

However, a tremendous pay gap exists in the Democratic senate office and in the office of Senate President Justin Alfond. Combined, females in those two offices made on average $43,125 last year, while male employees made an average of $47,341.

That calculation includes two male employees who only made $8,476 and $7,051 last year, most likely because they were hired late in the year. When those employees are removed from the calculation, the pay gap stretches even further, with male employees making an average of $57,235 last year — an average of $14,110 more than female employees.

Looking at just employees in Senate President Alfond’s office, women are still paid less than men, with two female employees making an average of $65,586, while male employees employed for the entire year made an average of $66,279.

Apparently unaware that his own office does not pay women equally, Alfond took to Twitter Tuesday to bemoan the wage gap.

Any way you cut the cake, women working as Democratic senate staffers in Augusta get paid less than men.

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