EXCLUSIVE: LePage’s Most Beloved Veto


With all the news coverage of Governor LePage’s adoption of a Jack Russell Terrier mix from a local Humane Society last week, I realized that one perspective missing from all the stories was that of the pup that has become an instant sensation. With that realization, I set out to land an exclusive interview with Veto, Governor LePage’s new companion.


ME: So Veto, tell me a little bit about yourself.

VETO: Well, I’ve bounced around a lot in my life, until last week when the Big Guy came into the shelter. As soon as I saw him, I knew I had to get him to take me home. Little did I know he was famous!

ME: How has living with Governor LePage been since you moved in?

VETO: Pretty great! The Big Guy pets me a lot, and chuckles at me when I act out. He also gives great belly rubs.

ME: What do you think of your new name? It has been controversial. You were even featured on an episode of Saturday Night Live.

VETO: Here is how the Big Guy explained it to me: When people try and do bad things to people you care about, you do what you can to stop them. That is what the Big Guy does. And that is what I will do too. Someone tries to hurt my family or people I care about, I’m going to VETO it! So, me and the Big Guy are a lot alike. And my name is a reminder.

ME: What is your favorite part of living at the Blaine House?

VETO: Well, there is a lot. I have a thousand places to hang out, and there is always someone available for me to chase around for belly rubs or beg for a treat. Everyone who works here is really nice to me. But the Big Guy is the best! And the yard is going to be so much fun to run around in once the weather warms up! Being from Louisiana it is still pretty cold out.

ME: This winter, the Legislature will come back to that big building across the street, and Governor LePage will have to start spending a lot more time over there than he does right now. How will you keep yourself busy then?

VETO: Well, from what I can tell, he might need me to come over there and be his enforcer. I’m not above chewing on a couple of ankles to help the Big Guy get taxes and electricity prices lower. Just think of how many dogs all over Maine would get better treats or a nicer dog house if their owners didn’t spend so much on taxes and electricity! So, when the Big Guy gets back to work on that, I’ll be ready to join him. Maine dogs deserve better!

ME: There is some controversy that Governor LePage adopted you a day before he was technically allowed to by the rules of the shelter you were in, and someone else was very upset that they didn’t get to adopt you instead. Do you have any comment on that?

VETO: Darn right I do. Those shelter people were nice. They were great. But anyone who thinks I should have slept another night in a shelter when someone was willing to take me to my forever home, just so someone’s feelings were not hurt, is barking up the wrong tree! Let them go sleep in a shelter for a couple nights and see what they think.

ME: Anything else you’d like to tell the people of Maine?

VETO: Yeah. The Big Guy works night and day for the people! Follow his lead. If the people in the big building across the street don’t get to work on lowering taxes and cutting electricity rates pretty soon, I’ll be paying them a visit.

And, people, please, if you’re looking for a pet, go adopt one of us at your local shelter!

Some of the best dogs I’ve ever met were sleeping in a shelter for weeks, and all they wanted was to get what the Big Guy just gave me, a loving home!

ME: Thank you for your time Veto. It was a pleasure meeting you.

VETO: Same here. But next time bring treats. I didn’t give you an exclusive interview only to get stiffed when it comes to treats.


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