LePage on Question 2


Governor LePage on Question 2 harming Maine’s economyGovernor LePage explains Question 2 – the referendum on increasing taxes which will harm Maine’s economy.

Posted by Paul LePage, Maine’s Governor on Saturday, October 15, 2016

Question 2 will not solve education funding in Maine. Don’t be fooled. It will just raise the income tax to 10.15% on successful Maine households. It won’t put more money into classrooms. It won’t go to rural schools. It will go into the General Fund. The Legislature can spend it on however they want.

Question 2 won’t help education. It will drive successful people out of Maine. Maine is already having a hard time attracting doctors, engineers, scientists and other professionals. Slapping them with a 10% income tax will guarantee they won’t come here. They can go next door to New Hampshire, where there is no income tax. Chasing high-income earners out of Maine creates less tax revenue for education—not more.

Before you cast your vote, please educate yourself on this misleading question.


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