Yesterday in Maine, David beat Goliath


Mainers weren’t supposed to defeat Michael Bloomberg’s agenda on the ballot yesterday. His propaganda was too powerful, his budget was limitless and his paid “grassroots” army was unstoppable.

The media seemed to be with him at every turn, echoing his talking points as fact and endorsing the question, one after another. And all along, the polls were in his favor.

But Mr. Bloomberg made one fatal mistake: he underestimated the power of the “little guy.”

He thought that victory in Maine through our ballot referendum process would be simple and that we would be a bargain (…at only $6 million). By saturating our media with his lies and propaganda, he thought he could convince Mainers that there’s something wrong with our gun-owning community.

But he failed to take into account our longstanding tradition of responsible gun ownership and safety, much like the Humane Society of the United States did twice before him.

He wanted you to believe that Maine gun owners are irresponsibly exploiting some made-up “loophole”, instilling fear into the hearts of those who don’t understand our culture and traditions.

He wanted to dictate exactly how, when, where and with whom you exercise your constitutionally-protected right to own and possess a firearm.

While his paid minions wanted you to believe he was targeting criminals, his opponents knew he was actually targeting law-abiding citizens through intentionally confusing, unenforceable language, with the hopes that in Maine, gun owners would be too fearful to exercise our rights out in the open, as a community.

Most of all, he wanted a universal gun registry so that he could map out all legally-owned firearms in Maine.

He didn’t think that we would be smart enough, that it would be possible for the opposition to band together or compile enough resources to fend him off.

He thought Maine would be a cheap date.

But, he was wrong.

On a shoestring budget, the Maine firearm community across the state banded together, creating a true grassroots army of law enforcement, community leaders and activists to educate friends, relatives and neighbors about the dangers Question 3.

This election proved once again that in Maine, the firearm community will not sit down and remain silent while money pours in from special interests “from away” to strip us of our God-given rights.

No matter the odds, Mainers won’t be intimidated and we certainly won’t be silenced.

Yesterday, Mainers banded together to achieve the unthinkable.

Yesterday in Maine, David beat Goliath by telling Michael Bloomberg that we will NOT be a part of his $50 million agenda.

Mr. Bloomberg learned the hard way that Mainers will ALWAYS stand and fight for what we know to be right.

Mainers said NO, against all odds, and I’ve never been prouder to call this great state “home.”


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