“Meathead” All In For Biden

rob reiner

A fresh, bold voice from Hollywood is clearing the path for U.S. President Joe Biden to seek a second-term. Princess Bride producer and perhaps more memorably as Archie Bunker’s hapless son-in-law “Meathead” Rob Reiner tweeted on Thursday that Biden has had a “spectacularly successful president,” and, should he seek a second term, “deserves our 100% unequivocal support.”

The years of put-downs from TV sitcom character Archie Bunker throughout the 1970s must have made Reiner more assertive in recent years. Indeed, the actor/producer tweeted out praise of Biden no less than seven times in the month of February alone and dedicated an equal number of tweets to how bad former President Donald Trump is and why he and his associates must be punished severely for all to see.

At times Reiner focused his legendary intellect on drawing comparisons between Biden and Trump. For instance, giddy at the sight of Biden in Kyiv, Ukraine earlier this week, the man formerly known as Meathead pointed out:

“Difference between Biden and Trump. Biden goes to Kiev to fight for Democracy. Trump goes to Helsinki and crawls up Putin’s ass.”

Other Reiner posts this month are less analytical and more to the point. “Save democracy,” he implores before explaining that the path to doing so requires the U.S. Department of Justice to “indict Trump.”

Last week, Reiner tweeted happily that members of a grand jury in Georgia were poised to hand down indictments, but he subsequently failed to praise jury forewoman Emily Cohrs who, experts have speculated, may be a huge Princess Bride fan. Perhaps the Hollywood personality cum political Svengali reasoned there that discretion is better part of valor.

Reiner only joined Twitter in 2016, spurred no doubt by the surprise loss of his favored candidate for president, Hillary Clinton. He dished to The Washington Post about how Trump’s victory was the media’s fault and the position he had coveted for himself in a Clinton administration.

That same year, he joined forces with left-wing philanthropist and power broker George Soros to fund The Democracy Integrity Project, a booster-club for the discredited Russia-gate narrative that contracted FusionGPS and Christopher Steele and is now being investigated by independent journalist Matt Taibbi.

Buoyed by positive reviews of his State of the Union address last week, and visit to Ukraine earlier this week, Biden is no doubt pleased to have Meathead’s “unequivocal” support for staying in the game.


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